Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Getting nowhere fast...

Well the countdown is almost at an end, just a few manic and hectic days remaining and it is all for just one day, how bizarre we are.

We still have no tree as it is still stuck in the loft, we have not ordered the turkey yet and no food has been purchased but I am writing out my lists and trying to get myself organised.

I have been looking for some recipes for treats over the festive period and I have found quite a few and have settled on a few to try.

One of my favourite foodie sites is the BBC good food where I have picked the braised red cabbage recipe to have on Christmas day, I do like this but no one else does so I will make a batch and freeze it in smaller portions so I can have it when I want. I have also picked out stilton puffs, red onion and brie tartlets and pasty parcels.

Ben will be making his pizza whirls and between them Adam, Lewis and Jay will be making the pastry for the pies, sausage rolls and other pastry bits. And I shall make the cakes and other sweet stuff, this we will be doing on Saturday, and then on Sunday we are doing the big Christmas shop.

Jay is in charge of Christmas dinner and always has been so it is usually the traditional Christmas fare and we now have a bird in a bird in a bird roast, which I think is about 4 or five different bird meats all layered inside one another.  This is really good value for money as it is all meat and we use up all of the meat and it often lasts us about five days. We drive out to a farm butchers called Bramfields to get our meat for Christmas.

I am hoping to get the tree up later today, I need to shift things about to fit the blooming thing in!

On Monday the sun was shining and it was quite warm, I cleaned out the girls and they enjoyed the sunshine along with a muddy dust bath!

Well I best get a move on, I hope your preparations are going well. Until next time x

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