Thursday, 27 December 2012

Tying up loose ends

As the year of 2012 draws to a close it is time to look back at what was and what wasn't achieved last year on the ever lasting todo list. Looking over the list I feel that we done quite well to get the jobs done that we did, especially as it wasn't until the latter part of the year that we actually got our butts in gear and cracked on with getting jobs done.

There are a few jobs that did not get done and will have to roll over to next year, the painting the exterior front of our house has been rolled over for the past three years. I am determined that this job will be one of the first that gets done once the weather warms and hopefully dries.

As you can see my todo list is at present blank, I have another list, yes I know it is a little quirk of mine I just have to have an abundance of lists on the go! Anyway on the list I am jotting down stuff that I want doing around the home and once I think I have finished I will then write it out in my book in the order of doing them and hopefully we will get through the list this time, however you never know what is going to crop up and throw  a spanner in the works so it is not set in stone that they have to all get done, just as long as we try. Have you managed to get your todo lists completed for 2012?

I have had a few unfinished projects on the go and have been getting some of them done today. I had some shopping bags that I was making out of pillowcases that still needed the handles sewn on, these I got done earlier.

You remember the old curtains that I dyed and was going to make some new cushion covers with? Well I also got them done today. I just made two simple envelope cases so there was no need for zips or buttons. I followed Frugal Queen's simple instructions, but adjusted them slightly to suit my needs. I have spoken of Frugal Queen before she is a great inspiration for all who are living on a budget and is looking for ways to save and also great ideas on making things with a sewing machine.

As you can see in the photo above I also recovered a barrel cushion. I just cut an oblong of fabric and put a hem all the way round and tied the ends with some blue ribbon.

The back of the cushion so you can see the simple envelope opening

As I was given some money for Christmas so I treated myself to some ready made cushions which I found in the sale. There were some lovely cushions but I refused to pay over £10.00 just for a blooming cushion!

I paid £30.00 for four cushions, a little extravagant but they do look nice.

This is my seat!
As I have said before when the boys are all in and the girlfriends are over, trying to get a seat in front of the TV can prove difficult, Mum saw this cushion and bought it for me, it is so very apt. Jay bought me the lamp so I can sit and crochet with the extra light, my perfect little corner.

It has been very wet as has most of the country the past week or so, however yesterday remained quite dry so I went out and cleaned out the girls and had a look around the garden to see how things were going. The girls feathers are growing well and they do not look so threadbare as they did just before Christmas. Matilda seems fine and was busy hurtling up and down the garden trying to take off in flight whilst I cleaned out the coop.  All the garlic had emerged. So far so good as this is the only thing that I have planted to over winter this year. 

I am hoping to get out and down to my potting shed and greenhouse at some point next week  to see what can be sown yet. I have two lidded polystyrene boxes that Jay has gotten fishing bait in before and I kept them thinking they would be great propagators to use in the greenhouse. I am going to hold fire and not try and sow too soon but sow at the later end of the allocated time frame for sowing. More planning and list making.

Well time to get back to finish of some more projects, I am making a hat and scarf for mum, a slightly belated birthday present. My hand had swollen quite a bit and it was too painful to crochet. It is better now that I have rested it for a week so I shall be finishing that off, a bag still needs finishing a about three more hats that just need finishing off. Once these are all done I can then start thinking about some new projects that I have in mind.

Until next time x


  1. I've never really made a to do list for jobs around the house before, but I'd already decided that I shall make one for next year. There's quite a few things which need doing, even little niggling jobs which won't take long but that we never get round to doing. A list may help us to focus.

    1. Hello Jo, I have an ongoing todo list for main jobs about the house then I have a daily list, I guess I am just manic about writing lists.

      I find it gives me more direction in what I need to do in a day as I do tend to flit from one thing to another and much of nothing seems to get done!

  2. Your cushions look lovely. All the best to you and yours for the New Year.
    Love from Mum

    1. Hiya Mum, thanks I thought they looked quite nifty with reusing and recycling items I already had. Happy New Year to you too, lets hope it is a good year for us all x


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