Wednesday, 12 December 2012

resisting temptation

We have had quite a few new stores open up in our town, a Next out of town massive store, John Lewis and a Waitrose and until yesterday I had resisted temptation to go and have a nosey around. I knew that I would see lots of things I would love to own and decorate my home with, especially as we have been decorating.

I was determined to make as much as I could for the lounge and update and refurbish what we already had, however the window dressing was a bit of a problem as we are having these vertical blinds which Jay supplies and fits along with flooring. I think they look too harsh and office looking especially as we have a large window, so we have compromised. We are having the blinds but also curtains of some sort to soften the look and to make it feel more cosy.

I was thinking about making some type of pelmet using the old curtains we had in there and dye the fabric to match the new d├ęcor. I am no whizz on the sewing machine but I can make basic things and will have a go at making new things. But... and this is a big but, I am running fast out of time and to be honest energy and I opted for the easy option and bought a pair of curtains from Next yesterday.

They are the perfect colour to match the room, and it was just too easy to hand over the cash and have my ready made curtains.  I reasoned with myself that I have made savings with regards to the furniture and also I resisted buying any of the lovely looking cushions, pictures or any of the little nick-nacks.

I have the old curtains which were 90"x 90" and are a cream jacquard fabric and also lined so there is plenty there to make a throw and lots of cushion covers. I am off into town today for the last time this year as I hate going to town even more so at this time of the year! Back on track I am going to get some fabric dye but as yet I am undecided on the accent colour. I do like the teal/aqua but I also love the greens oh and pinks.

Being the only female in the house pink goes straight out of the window, so it will be the blue or green. Decisions decisions!

Matilda is still plodding about, we have had a very frosty cold morning and the girls have come down to eat and drink and gone back in the coop for warmth. They have the right idea of staying inside in the warm as for me it's time to venture out and walk the dogs before heading into town and get amongst the manic hoard of shoppers.

Hopefully I will be uploading photos later today of the finished or almost finished lounge!

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  1. John Lewis is one of the few shops which we don't have nearby, though I think they're planning on opening one in a new shopping area that's being built at the moment. I have blinds at the patio door between the dining room and conservatory, but I'm of the same opinion as you, they're a bit cold looking, so I also have curtains even though we never draw them. It's a frosty morning here too, and after taking Archie for his walk, I think your girls have the right idea.


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