Tuesday, 15 January 2013

A day out CS shopping

We awoke this morning to a smattering of snow, not a lot to shout or wail about however it was rather icy and taking Max and Clyde for a walk was a slippery sliding adventure! I did manage to stay in the upright position but I did have to giggle when Clyde was pulling Lloyd along ahead of me, all he needed was a sledge.

I had arranged to go out to Felixstowe with mum and dad today and thought it would be cancelled but the weather was no where near as bad as I thought it would be and so at 11 am on the dot mum and dad arrived to take me out. It was bitterly cold down at Felixstowe, for those that are not local it is right down on the coast. We just stayed in the main shopping area, my leg is still not too good so a walk along the front was not on the agenda.

I think I managed to drag mum and dad into every Charity shop in the high street, I managed to find some great bargains and mum and dad even bought a couple of things. Some of you may baulk at the idea of entering a charity shop and would die of shame rather than be seen in one. I will admit in my teens and twenties I would of been the same but have you been inside a charity shop lately?

There is no nasty niff for a start and everything is clean and tidy and very well organised. In some shops the clothes are all colour co-ordinated and some of the displays and windows look amazing. You would not even realise you are looking in the window of a charity shop.

This little bundle set me back about £15.00, The wool is brand new but the shop makes a profit and it is reasonably priced. I have floral and gingham fabric in this little bundle and to purchase this from the haberdashery would of set me back about £60.00. I have two men's extra extra large shirts in gingham and the remainder is sheets and duvet covers all in excellent condition.

I am wanting to start quilting or at least have a go and by getting my fabric in this way it makes it much more affordable.

I also purchased this beautiful hand crafted bowl made of pottery and glazed.

I saw it and just had to have it and at only £4.00 it was hard to resist, it will make an excellent fruit bowl to put on the island. I am a bit hesitant to put any type of holding receptacle as it does not take long for it to fill up with useless crap, especially crap from the boys and Jay's pockets.

We enjoyed a lunch of fish and chips with a cup of tea in a little fish restaurant in one of the side streets, I won't be needing dinner later!

Once I was home the snow started to fall quite heavily, just in time for all the school run mum's, perfect timing as usual.

It has stopped again for now but I am sure we are in for plenty more. I don't mind being snowed in I have plenty to keep me occupied for now, especially as Jay sorted out my pinking shears. Apparently they had to be twisted the opposite way first or something like that, but they seem okay now.

Time for a cup of tea and to watch one of my favourite TV programmes, the antique road trip. Until next time x

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