Monday, 21 January 2013

It's snow joke!

We have had quite a bit of snowfall in the last 24 hours and the snow on the ground was quite dense. The dogs had a fantastic run over the golf course earlier today, Jay and Adam walked them before breakfast. The above photo is taken at the entrance to the golf course.

Jay has lots of fantastic photos which I am waiting for him to send to me so I can upload them to here. I have been busy working on the blanket. All the squares are now connected and I am putting on a border. I will take a photo once it is all finished.

It was Jays Day off today so we popped into town to get a few bits before our little trip this coming weekend. I was quite surprised at how clear the roads were, everything usually comes to a standstill with just a small dusting of snow.

 I needed some more wool to finish off the blanket and grabbed a few more balls for another project.

I purchased some Pentland seed potatoes in Wilkinsons, I was hoping for a different variety but it is all they had left on the shelves. I hope they will have some more in next week.

 I also bought a smallish plastic planter trough that will fit nicely on the windowsill in the kitchen as I want to start sowing some cut and come again salad leaves as we get through lots of salad and the bags of leaves can be quite expensive to buy so we just have the iceberg. Growing the leaves on the windowsill will give us a bit more variety and will cost nothing but a bit of time and TLC as I have several packets of salad leaf seeds that I had given to me. I shall get this under way once we get back.

Another weekend has been and gone, I hope you all enjoyed your weekend. Until next time x

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