Thursday, 3 January 2013

Clearing the decks


I am making a fresh start today, Jay has gone back to work so I can get on and get stuff sorted. I have cleared away the Christmas decorations and already have them back up into the loft. I have done several loads of washing and given the kitchen a good tidy up and clean. It is amazing how much rubbish and bits of this and that accumulate on the Island in the kitchen. 

I have been out in the garden earlier and cleaned out the girls, they have been out and about in the garden as it is quite a fine day and they can keep out of the muddy run and enjoy digging for grubs in the drier soil and  also enjoying a dirt bath. I have just put them back with the aid of a few handfuls of corn. We have been quite lucky we are still getting one or two eggs a day.

I still haven't had a chance to go through my seed box yet or sort out the garden plan,  I am hoping to do at the weekend. I have had a quick tidy and sweep up in the summerhouse as one of the boys had spilled quite a bit of chicken feed all over the floor, it is blooming freezing down there and damp too because of the leak we have. I am hoping to get that sorted out this weekend also.

The to do list for major jobs about the house is growing along with an immediate list of jobs that need doing as soon as humanly possible. I have so much I want to do but as usual not enough hours. I will have to work on my time management! 

The new monthly menu needs doing, I know the freezers are quite empty but the store cupboards are well stocked, I will do a check and then see what can be made with what I have then work on what we have left with the remaining days. It can be quite a challenge writing out a menu for a whole month and is quite time consuming, however it does save both time and money in the long run. We have a set budget and I am hoping to come in under the set budget and set it aside for other things. 

If you want to do a menu then Netmums has a great meal planner  which you can download, both a weekly and a monthly planner are available as well as some great ideas, recipes and tips for meal planning. 

That is it from me for today the hoover is on standby. Until next time x

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  1. Thank you for the meal planner link. I don't meal plan but it's something I've been thinking about, it must save time and money which can only be good. I've got my seeds for the year all sorted, but I've yet to get them put in to sowing order, so that I don't miss any. My hubby went back to work on Wednesday, but the kids are still off school. They're back on Monday so everything should get back to normal here then.


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