Friday, 18 January 2013

Bit of this n a bit of that

Well the heavily predicted snow has finally arrived and we have more on the way. It is about 4 -5 inches thick in the garden. The girls were not impressed, it took them a while to venture out to the food at first and then once I put in the scraps and the hot bread and seed tray they came out as quick as you like!

I am sitting here watching them as I type and they keep standing on one foot and then the other, you can just imagine the conversation if they could speak. Clyde thinks he has the biggest ice cream cone in the world on his doorstep. He eats and chomp at the snow like his life depends on it. We are taking the dogs over the golf course this evening so I shall post some photos later.

I have been working on a project for the past couple of weeks and it is taking forever. I still have lots to do on it so here is a quick peek at what I have been doing

I decided to have jam on toast for my breakfast this morning, I went to the fridge and there was no jam left, fantastic time to open a new jar. When I make my jams I often have bits left so I end up with lots of jars with just a bit in and there was one without a label so I decided to have that one. I done three pieces of toast, two for me and one for the dogs and the jam was a very tasty yet tart plum.

I have been collecting the toilet and kitchen rolls ready for planting my broad beans. I was going to do them this week but with this weather is it really worth it? I think I will wait a couple of weeks then sow them. I have also been collecting the plastic food trays perfect for seed sowing. I am all prepared and ready to get my green fingers outs but will hold back for a little longer.

The girls have finished feasting and have retired back into the coop, sensible little girls. Right I have things I need to do. Until next time x

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