Monday, 14 January 2013


I have been waiting for a pair of pinking shears to arrive from ebay, this morning they finally arrived however they don't work! Never having owned a pair of pinking shears I thought perhaps I had to adjust them somehow for them to open but there is no actual screw. I have emailed the seller and am awaiting a reply. I have been wanting to get a project started and now I still have to wait, argh so annoying!

Anyway rant over for now, I ventured out into the cold earlier and cleaned out the girls. The chicken proofing on the small raised bed appears to be working, the girls walk around it clucking but do not attempt to jump up onto it. Unlike Clyde who keeps jumping up onto the large raised bed, the blooming great lump, why I don't know but it does look comical with him standing in the raised bed. I keep telling him off but he still does it. Once I plant stuff in there, I will erect canes and netting to stop both him and the girls from getting on there.

Even though it is bitterly cold outside the sun was shining and it was lovely. The girls were having a great time bathing in the fruit border.

To get them back in the run I gave them their scraps, Clyde was hot on my heels just in case anything drops, and there he was munching on a flipping cabbage leaf! He will stand beside the run just in case the girls happen to flick anything in his direction, that dog just lives for food.

My lunch is calling a lovely prawn salad made by Jay, until next time x

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