Wednesday, 23 January 2013

The Waiting Game...

We still have snow on the ground which is very slippery, thankfully no more snowfall but the temperature is sure dipping. The girls are coping very well with this weather and are still laying but they still will not venture out into the thick snow around the garden. I am just having a quick coffee before going out and cleaning out the hen house, I will leave the gate open to see if they will take the plunge with the snow.

I am really getting twitchy with wanting to get on with seed sowing and getting out into the garden and get cracking with the new sowing season. I am holding off for now but once I get back from our trip I will get my hands in some soil.

I keep looking at my plan that I drew up a few weeks ago and keep making changes of what is going to grow where and keep shuffling the seed packets about to make sure I haven't forgotten any. 

I saw a programme on TV last night called Allotment Wars, it was on BBC1 after the 10 o'clock news. Well I am gob smacked that people can be so petty and vindictive over a few root vegetables! Plot holders stealing other plot holders vegetables prior to the veg growing competition! Jealousy over fertile soil, it is mind boggling. You can probably catch this programme on the BBC iplayer. Watching the plot holders toil in the soil did make me feel a bit envious, I can't wait!

As you know I have been working on a blanket, well it is almost finished. I just have to add the backing and it is done. But here it is.

I stitched the squares together so they formed rows and then I crocheted the rows together. I made the poppies and then sewed them on randomly. Not bad for my first effort. I am now working on a baby girl blanket.

Well that's me coffee all gone, time to brave the cold and clean out the girls. Until next time x

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