Saturday, 19 January 2013

First time for everything...

A short while ago I ventured outside to see to the girls, I was not out for very long but my toes and hands are  now frozen! I am presently slurping on a hot mug of tea. The girls had as usual been hanging about the gate making a right racket to go for a wander, I left the gate open like I did yesterday and the day before yet only one steps out only to turn tail and scurry back into the run which then sends the others in a flap!

I took out a tray of hot soaked bread smothered in seeds which they devoured whilst I cleaned them out. There were two eggs waiting for me today, yesterday there were three, I am so surprised that they are still laying in this cold.  As I look at them out of the window now they are all busy preening themselves now that they have filled up on their food stores.

I am still plodding along on with my blanket, I have finished making all the squares and have sorted them out in order. To make the squares I chained up 22 stitches and then I double crochet for 12 rows. I now have the momentous task of sewing them all together! As I haven't done this before I thought I would try sewing them and see how I get on. I have read that it might be easier to crochet them together. only time will tell.

I am currently boiling a gammon which we bought before Christmas and froze, they were half price so were worth buying and we will be having that for Sunday lunch, and as I am cooking it today we can then have the eggs Benedict tomorrow for breakfast. Hope your reading this Jay! 

Well that is it from me for today, I hope you are all enjoying your weekend wherever you may be. If you are in the UK stay safe and warm, I am drinking so much tea that I am in and out of the toilet like a jack in the box! Until next time x


  1. Hope you got your breakfast of choice. I love the blanket, such lovely colours which will go perfectly together. I've always double crocheted my squares together, much easier for me than sewing.

    1. Hi Jo, hope your keeping well in this winter weather. I did get my breakfast and again it was a plateful of lushness!

      I have almost finished sewing the rows across together and then I'm still undecided of whether to crochet these rows together or sew them.


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