Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Clear blue skies

A Perfect day!

With a day like this how could I resist pulling on my wellies and venturing out into the garden. As I sit here typing not only do I have rosy cheeks and a daft grin  on my face I also have mud splatters!

I managed to wobble on the ladder and clean out the guttering, however I did have to use my hoe to reach some areas as with me not being very tall and just a small pair of steps I could not reach over the compost bins and there was no way I was going to empty them out and move them.

I ripped off the netting (this is how I got the mud on my face) and pulled on my pink rubber gloves and scooped out all the muck and debris. It wasn't as full or compacted as I thought it would be, it is the blooming catkins from the tree. To be honest the tree is a pain in the butt, but Jay wants to keep it even though he is not the one who has to clean up the leaves ect! It does give us quite a bit of privacy and does add shape and structure to the garden. Perhaps I can persuade him to remove the sliver birch and replace it with a fruit tree. (hint hint if you are reading!)

As I got that job done quicker than I expected I thought I would sort out the small raised bed and transplant the strawberry plants from the various pots and containers about the garden. First I emptied out three used growbags onto the bed and dug this in with some blood, bone & fish meal. I raked it over and planted the strawberries. There were twelve plants, hopefully they will grow, if not I will be off to the garden centre to buy some more.

As you can see I have chicken proofed it, I just hope the little dears will keep off it! Whilst I was out there I had a look about the garden to see what jobs needed doing. As it has been so wet everywhere is just slimy and green. The garden furniture, the decking, the garden bench and even the patio. I have also noticed a couple of the fence posts have rotted so these will need replacing too. The jobs todo list is getting longer by the day!

It is supposed to be cold but dry at the weekend and it is Jay's weekend off so we are hopefully going to be spending sometime in the garden and having a sort out.

Well I need to go and have a shower to clean this muck of my face and out of my hair! Until next time x

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