Friday, 1 February 2013

A Quick Hello!

Hi everyone! I just wanted to drop you all a quick line to let you know we are back safe and well. The break was great and we even had a bit of beautiful sunshine.

I have lots of photos but as yet I need to learn how to upload them from Jay's gadget on to my laptop. Adam will be home later I'll get him to sort it and then I will post some of them. Jay got a bit snap happy and we have hundreds! The photo at the top is of a flower that was in the grounds of the apartments. The gardens were very well kept and it was nice to see some colour in a garden after leaving the UK with a blanket of snow.

Speaking of Adam he was a little star whilst we were away, he was head chef and chief housekeeper! Thanks Adam for keeping it all together, I'm sure the others would of gone hungry and I would have come back to a mountain of washing and a filthy house if it was not for you.

I spent yesterday doing the holiday washing, the monthly menu and food shop. Jay picked up the truck and she is once again raring to go.

I have lots to divulge to you but must dash as the dogs need walking. I will be blogging later today, so keep your eyes peeled! Until next time x

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