Friday, 8 February 2013

Get Growing!

It is time to get our gardening heads on and make a start in the garden department. As you know I have sown a few seeds but have so far held back on any major sowing yet. We are all often far to eager to get this annual seed sowing under way to give us a head start and then disappointment  follows as things become leggy, die or just don't germinate due to lack of heat and sunshine.

The great Monty Don gardening guru has advised us humble gardener's to hang back and hold off on the seed sowing this year, perhaps he know's something we don't.

The salad seeds have emerged as you can see from the opening photo and yes I did get all excited and dance round the kitchen singing my seeds have sprouted! As yet these are the only things to have shown their little green faces however it is still early days yet.

I have redefined my growing list, I have made a couple of changes to it, I will post the varieties once I am more organised.

Peppers (bell & Chilli)
Tomatoes (gardener's delight and Cherry)
Beans (dwarf French, broad & runner)
Cabbages (golden acre, savoy)
Broccoli & Purple sprouting broccoli
Onions (Spring & red salad)
Salad leaves & lettuces
Assortment of herbs

I also have the strawberry plants, rhubarb.  The blueberry, tayberry and gooseberry bushes have been planted for two winters so I'm not sure if they will produce anything again this year. I will have to go and do some reading on these.

I have opted for the things we eat a lot of and to try and cut down on our food bill and our carbon footprint.

Growing your own is quite simple and you don't need a lot of space to grow a few things as lots can be grown in containers. For anyone who is new to gardening of thinking about growing their own vegetables I have written an article aimed at the beginner. I have covered everything from what tools are required, how to prepare the ground, seed sowing and feeding and the general care to harvesting your crops.

The article is available by clicking on the following link:
Growing Your Own Vegetables

Here is more information of why not to sow too early. Ben at Higgledygarden blog explains all!

I would also like to introduce you too Kieron who lives in Cornwall and writes an awesomely funny but interesting blog called eatmypig. Kieron's aim is to avoid supermarkets and to just shop locally. I was introduced to Kieron's blog by Ben at higgledy garden who incidentally sells a large selection of seeds online.

I was so engrossed in Kieron's blog this morning that I burnt my toast!

To visit Ben at Higgledy Garden click HERE
and to visit Kierons eatmypig blog click HERE but be warned do not eat or drink whilst reading this blog or you may end up with a splattered screen!

Lots to do, until next time x


  1. There are types that need to be sown early like onions, leeks, and shallots. I've got all on the go already along with some tomatoes that I'll grow inside. It was brilliant having ripe red fruit so early in the summer last year.

    I also want to let you know that your package was posted yesterday and should be with you shortly :)

  2. Hi Tanya, thanks for popping by. Yes I agree there are some that need an early sowing but can be sown direct in the ground from march onwards and that is what I will be doing this year.

    I am just going to hold off for as long as possible and hope for a better harvest this year by doing so.

    Thanks I am looking forward to receiving it, the lip balm is for me and the other is a gift.

  3. I always try to hold off sowing for as long as possible, but I don't have much patience so I look for things which need a long growing season so that I can make some early sowings. At least I feel as though I'm doing something this way.

    1. Hi Jo, I know what you mean. I have looked on all the seed packs and all say march for sowings so that is what I am going to do this year, do as it says rather than as I choose.

      Hopefully I will have better success and waste less seeds than I have the past two years where I have done sowings in January.

  4. Hi Sharon, not sure how I ended up here (I'm sure I've heard those words somewhere before) but just came across this mention of myself and my good friend, Mr Higgledaygarden. Thanks for the kind words and the forwarding link. Are you on twitter?

    All the best Kieron (eatmypig)

    1. Hi Kieron, glad you found your way here. I hope you enjoyed your visit and your welcome back any time :)

      I just had to share your blog! It certainly brightens my day.

      I am indeed on twitter sjwigglywoo.


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