Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Coffee break chat...

Wow another weekend has passed and we are almost half way through another month already. We have had all weathers thrown at us over the weekend, the run has turned into a pond and the poor girls are going quackers!

Sunday lunch went well however two of out guests were unwell and were unable to come, hope your feeling better Mel x

I have booked a few more craft fairs for this year, I will set up an events page and get the dates on there. As I said last week I have been busy trying to get the various ongoing projects finished. I am almost done and will have new photos to show you at the weekend.

I have bought three pieces of furniture to makeover, one is for the lounge and the other two will be for sale. I still have the coffee tables to finish off first (need more space!)

The broad beans have started to sprout in the greenhouse and one or two of the peas are peeking at me also. Only the salad has made an appearance in the kitchen so far, I keep spraying them with water everyday and hope for something green to emerge.

The truck had to go back for more repairs last week, it needed a new caliper and break pads, hopefully that will be all for a while, blooming things has cost us an arm and a leg these past six months. It just needs a set of new boots, which will have to wait a few weeks and hopefully it will keep going for another few years.

Right as the title said this is the end of my coffee break. Mum and Dad are popping over for lunch and the floors need hoovering! Until next time x

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