Saturday, 2 February 2013

Just another day...

So much for getting round to posting a blog yesterday. As I said I took the the dogs for a walk but unbeknown to me there was an oily substance in the rear of the car and Max had it all on his legs and feet and it ended up all over my floors! I finally managed to get most of it off Max and my floors but after an hour of trying to clean it up from the car and nothing was shifting it I gave up. Lewis has now fitted in a new piece of carpet in the boot so all is well on that score.

I woke up to a smattering of snow flakes and then the sun came along for an hour or so. I hung out a load of washing for it then to rain, a mad dash ensued to get the washing in. Snow returned along with the rain and I'm not sure what the rest of the day is going to bring. All I do know is that I have piles of wet washing and the machine is still going!

Any plans I had for gardening today have gone right out of the window. I was hoping to dig half of the vegetable garden ready for some sowing but I am now destined to a laundry day, as the beds have been stripped and bedrooms tidied up and as usual a mountain of washing has come out of all the boys rooms!

As the saying goes tomorrow is another day, my plans are to sort out my salad box for the windowsill in the kitchen and sow some herbs. I will also be sowing my broad beans in toilet roll inners and place them in the green house and as extra insulation place them in the polystyrene fish boxes. I also need to put my seed potatoes in the egg boxes to chit. If the weather holds off I may even get to do some of that digging. Fingers crossed!

As promised a few holiday snaps, nothing exciting I'm afraid as I am still trying to get the photos to load on to my laptop. I hope to get some better ones for your to view.

 Albufeira Beach

One of the pools at The Eden Resort

 Albufeira Beach

Here is a glimpse of our monthly menu

We have four new dishes we are trying this month, chicken & roast squash bake. Creamy ham Linguine, Spanish style chicken bake and also a skinny lasagne. Most of these recipes are from the hairy bikers diet cookbook. you can find a review for this book on my literary blog HERE.

I set Jay the task of going through our numerous cook books to find recipes that we would all like to eat with  fairly basic ingredients. I gave him a pack of sticky tabs and we now have a large selection of recipes for me to choose from for our March menu and will hopefully save me time when it comes to doing the menu.

Must get back to the laundry, hopefully some gardening tomorrow. Until next time x


  1. Glad you had a good break, it looks lovely from your photos. The chicken and roast squash bake sounds delicious, you'll have to let us know what you think of it. I hate menus with a large list of ingredients, it puts me off making the recipe, I'd much rather have simple dishes.

  2. Hi Jo thanks, it was lovely especially the sunshine! Yes easy, simple ingredients makes a great recipe for me.

    I do have quite a range of herbs and spices as we do enjoy cooking but when it calls for an unusual ingredient it means a special trip out to locate it and then you can't find the damn thing!


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