Wednesday, 6 February 2013

One things always leads to another...

Why is it you start to do one job and then this job leads to you doing even more than you first intended to do and then before you know it another day has gone and the jobs you wanted to get done have been left.

As the saying go a woman's work is never done. I only intended to wash up and then I ended up giving the whole kitchen a thorough wash down and cleaned the windows.

I done some baking on Sunday, there is not a lot left as the boys have been tucking in!

I made a Victoria sponge, a chocolate cake, shortbread and some peanut butter cookies.

We had the chicken and butternut squash pasta bake on Monday, I adjusted some of the ingredients. I used less squash as the boys are not over keen on it and I made my sauce slightly different as I felt that the dish would be quite dry and we like our pasta with plenty of sauce. I added half a pint of chicken stock and a tub of creme fraiche (reduced fat) and some garlic and thyme. I served it with garlic bread and everyone really liked it. Another dish to add to the monthly menu in future. To get a copy of the original recipe click here which will take you to the good food recipe channel website. I get a lot of great recipes from here.

Yesterday I popped into Woodbridge town with Mum and Dad. It was quite a blustery day so we had a walk through the town window shopping and we dropped into a large second hand antique furniture store and work shop. I am looking for some pieces of furniture to decorate, however the prices were quite high for  the type of things I want but there was some lovely antique pieces that I would love to own.

I was quite good and only spent money on some milk and a celeriac. For those of you that don't know what a celeriac is, it is a root vegetable and apparently quite easy to grow in my part of the country. I had been meaning to get one to try but just had never got round to it however it was reading the blog of frugalqueen that had prompted me to get one.

It is a bit like swede but not as sweet but it is a bit of a pig to peel! I used half of it last night. This one cost £1.67. They are usually quite a cheap vegetable but like most things prices for fresh vegetables are constantly rising. We had meatloaf last night and I made some homemade potato chips using normal potatoes and the celeriac. And they all ate the lot as they didn't know they were eating a different vegetable. (ha you have to be sneaky!) I did tell them once they had eaten.

I cooked the chips in the Actifry, it is a food fryer but you only add one spoon of oil. It is amazing how crispy the chips are, just like normal fried chips but with hardly any of the fat. It was an expensive purchase but worth it.

The weather has been chopping and changing, we had huge snowflakes last night and I thought it was going to lay but thankfully it didn't. It had been quite cold and windy with a little sunshine thrown in. I just hope the snow stays away!

Right time for me to take these dogs for a walk, hopefully before it rains and then clean out the noisy clucker's when I get back. A big hello and thank you to my new readers and follower. I hope you enjoy your time here. Until next time x


  1. We don't have chips all that often, but I have a deep fat fryer as I, along with the rest of the family, hate oven chips. I've been looking at Actifry's as my fryer gets covered in oil and it's so messy. Does the Actifry tend to keep cleaner with it only using a small amount of oil? They do seem pricey, but they're probably worth it as they're so much healthier.

    1. Hi Jo, My bug bear with deep fat fryers is the smell, mess and how difficult they are to keep clean.

      The Actifry easily comes apart and I wash it up after every use. There is no smell or mess and of course it is much healthier.

      You can cook allsorts in it but as yet we have only done chips of all shapes and sizes. If you use frozen oven chips you don't add any oil.

      They are expensive but I think it was worth it.

  2. You have been busy. I, too, was tempted by the celeriac chips. My celeriac was £1 in Lidl.
    Love from Mum

    1. I love Lidl prices! We are having it roasted tomorrow with normal potatoes and sweet potatoes but shhhhhhh don't tell the boys;)


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