Thursday, 21 February 2013

Only a few days to go....

It's been bitterly cold  and been trying to snow all day. I was out early walking the dogs and was wrapped up well. I came back and went straight out to let the girls out for a bit whilst I cleaned them. I went down to the summerhouse to fill up their feeder and thought I would poke my head into the greenhouse,  alas nothing had changed since the weekend.

I can't believe it is almost the weekend again already, this week has really flown by.  I have been busy finishing off items of crochet ready for the craft fair I am attending this weekend. The craft fair is in aid of BiGbikeride250 which is in support of cancer research. It is the first fair for me this year so I am quite looking forward to it, especially as I have lots of new stuff to sell.

For those of you who are local the fair is on Saturday at Gresham Sports & Social Club on Tuddenham Road, Ipswich and is on between 12 noon - 4pm. Lots of different stalls to grab the perfect Mother's day gift.

I had a delivery of furniture yesterday and I can't wait to get started on them next week. The new ceiling is going in at the weekend and once that is done I can get in there and make a start.

Just a quick reminder just a few more days left to enter the competition to win a kitchen herb garden. It arrived yesterday and is sitting on my desk waiting to be posted to the winner. To enter the competition click HERE

The Basil has started to grow in my kitchen herb kit, I will take a photo as soon as my battery is charged! I think I am going to have to order myself a new battery as this is just daft. It is only a tiny green speck, hopefully it will continue to grow!

More sewing to do tonight, I spent yesterday once more wrestling with my sewing machine, I think I have got the knack of it now, it just needs lots of patience! Until next time x


  1. I couldn't believe how much colder it is today when I took Archie for his walk this morning. Perhaps the forecast is right and we're going to get more snow, I hope not.

    1. Hi Jo, I have just got back from walking the dogs and it was rather chilly.

      I am glad I bought my new coat in the winter sale, it keeps me a lot warmer than my old one. Best money I have spent all winter!


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