Saturday, 9 February 2013

A little pampering...
I have been keeping busy this week, I have finished another blanket, I just need to add a backing to it. I have  several projects on the go that I need to finish this week, photos once all is done.

I have been waiting for a package to arrive and yesterday it arrived. As soon as I started to unwrap the paper a beautiful scent was wafting out from within the package. I had placed an order with Tanya at lovely greens. I suffer from cracked and dry lips most of the year, and I hate the sticky feel that lots of lip balms leaves and the Manx lip balm I have purchased is a silky, non greasy balm. I ordered the natural but there are other flavours available. I also purchased a set of assorted fizzy bath melts as a gift and I'm sure they will be greatly received, they smelt absolutely gorgeous! If only I had a bath and  not just a shower.

Tanya at Lovely Greens resides on the Isle of Man  keeps her own bees and grows all her own herbs and flowers for the products that she makes. To see Tanya's full range of products click HERE

I popped into town today and managed to pick up some more seed potatoes, Arran Pilot first early. I have not grown these before and I am already looking forward to harvesting them. I also bought some celeriac seeds, Giant Prague, I now have all the seeds I need for this year.

I cleaned out the girls yesterday and as usual they had a great time bathing in the fruit border. I moved the blueberry bush I have planted there, they have broken it down so many times that I fear it will never amount to anything. I have planted it in a big clay pot, hopefully it will soon start to thrive like the other one. 


I was trying to get a good photo of Matilda and the one above is the best I could manage as she is very camera shy! She looks amazing compared to how ill she looked in November.

The girls helping with the weeding!

Myself and Jay have been busy in the kitchen today as we are having twelve people for Sunday lunch. Jay has made his lovely cheesy leek dish and I have made braised red cabbage and all the other veg has been peeled and chopped.

Tonight we are having homemade vegetable curry which I made earlier in the week and we are also having a chicken Masala which Jay is now making with rice and garlic nans. A homemeade takeaway at a fraction of the cost and we know exactly what has gone in to it, no neighing or braying for us!

I hope you all have a great weekend, until next time x

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  1. I won one of Tanya's natural lip balms in her giveaway and I'm still using it, it lasts for ages, and works really well. I grew Arran Pilot last year and I was so pleased with them that I'm growing them again this year. I ordered them at the back end of last year and they're ready for collecting from the allotment shop next week. Enjoy your Sunday dinner, it sounds like you'll have plenty of company.


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