Sunday, 24 February 2013

Something Green is Lurking!

Just a quick post today. The weekend has been another hectic one, however I have managed to pack a lot into it, including my first craft fair of the year.

I wanted to let you know that I have something green lurking on the kitchen windowsill, no it is not a slug or a manky piece of cucumber! Meet Parley, Chives and Basil...

I have something to finally shout out loud about in the gardening department. The salad that I sowed is growing however the cress is not. The salad does resemble cress according to my dad so maybe I did get them a bit muddled up.

It has been a very cold weekend, I cleaned out the girls earlier and had to do some work in the summerhouse I was only out there about two hours at the most but I was suffering with frozen toes and the runny nose!

I am nice and toasty now as I have been working at the kitchen table and Jay has been busy cooking and doing dinner. He has even made a Chicken & Leek pie for dinner tomorrow

I am so blessed to have a man wonderful!

The draw will be taking place tomorrow, I wonder who the lucky one will be. I hope you all had a great weekend. Until next time x


  1. That pie looks delicious, yum. Glad to see that your seeds have sprouted. I haven't sorted mine out yet to see what else I should be sowing, I think March and April will be busy months. Hope you did well at the craft fair.

    1. The pie is in the oven as we speak, I am really looking forward to it as I have been at the warehouse all day and am ravenous!

      Yes lots of seed sowing to do in the next couple of months. I still have to get the vegetable garden dug!


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