Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Among the muck!

Another fantastic day weather wise, I have even topped up my tan! Well I could not put it off any longer, it really needed doing, and it was far to hot to be doing this job. I emptied out the compost bins so I could turn over the contents and the refill the bins. It didn't half stink!

I was terrorized by a wasp, which I might add did not help! I do not like wasps and for the love of me don't know why the pesky things were ever born or made or whatever it is you believe in. They are a pest that have no purpose as far as I can see except to annoy and sting you, especially if you are a flapper like myself. Several times I came screaming down the garden into the house due to this blooming wasp! They have been out in force today as I also had several come to pester me in the kitchen.

Anyway back to the compost bins. Most of the stuff I put in my bins is from the chickens coop. This is mainly shredded paper and it seems to be taking a rather long time to break down. I also put in some kitchen waste, but now I have the girls they eat most of it. I do not have any lawn so I don't have much green waste going in. You need a good mixture of brown and green to get a good compost.

So I pondered on what I could do to get more green for the bins, when I heard the lawn mower being kicked into action next door. So I popped round to ask for his grass cuttings  and can I have any grass cuttings in the future. The problem of my green waste is now solved. Goodness knows what he thought when I was standing at his door in my mucky smelly clothes! I have posted a link in the Gardening websites page for lots of useful information on composting. Gardeners click and you also have lots of useful information regarding composting.

The girls have been cleaned out today, we had another four eggs, and a lot of clucking has been going on the last couple of days. Perdy my big hen who sadly passed away last year, clucked like mad every time she laid an egg. It always made me laugh to hear her clucking as you knew what she was clucking about.

Last autumn in the run I put down some paving slabs to make cleaning easier. However the only place they have to scratch and dig is inside the under cover part of the coop, hence the big holes they keep digging. I have decided to take up the slabs and put down some bark so they will have the whole run to dig and scratch in, which will put an end to these great big holes! Another job to add to the ever expanding to do list!

I had a wander around the garden to water and check on the plants, everything is growing well, that snail is still munching on my peas! I'll post some more photos at the weekend so you can see how much everything has grown due to this lovely warm weather we are having.

And finally..... I would like to welcome and thank my followers, it is great to have you on-board. I am going out tonight for a real tasty Italian pizza, so I'll bid you all a good evening or an enjoyable day x

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