Monday, 12 March 2012

Hello.....I'm back!

Hello everyone and hopefully a big welcome back to you all. Well I went off in the search of some lovely hot sunshine and I did not find it! So I'm back home again and almost the same color as I was when I left! Well I have plenty to tell you about, first the greenhouse is up and ready to go
It is still standing empty at the moment until I have a chance to get out there tomorrow and sow some more seeds and have a move around in the summerhouse. There's plenty of seeds waiting to be sown and I need to get the last lot of potatoes in as well as my onion sets. It's getting to that busy time of year when everything needs to be done. Thankfully all the ground preparation has been done I just need to scatter some growmore and fish blood and bone before I start sowing in the ground. The spring cabbages are growing well the onions still look a bit on the small side at the moment, but there's still plenty of time for them to start swelling.
The boys done a great job while I was away in looking after my seedlings, they are all growing nicely, and did not turn into the withered specks I was expecting to see. The first lot of leeks and onions are about an inch high now, the peas and sweet peas are doing well too. The purple sprouting broccoli, savoy cabbage, broccoli, brussel sprouts and cauliflower are growing well some have their second lot of leaves growing, fingers crossed all will be well for another bumper crop.
The tomato and chilies have grown well and will soon need potting on as do the flowers that I had sown, this will be done at the weekend and then they will be moved down to the greenhouse or summerhouse depending on how much room I have. Every available space will be taken up and I'll probably be searching for more space around the house and out buildings to place my precious seedlings, and hopefully I will not encounter the disaster of last year where 90% of my seedlings were ruined by the boisterous boys! It's still not to late for you to start growing your own vegetables there is still time to start sowing and to get the ground ready for planting some vegetables. If your short on time or space why not consider container growing, plenty of vegetables will happily grow in pots, containers or growbags. I think the girls were happy to see me, they were flapping and squawking like mad when I gave them their scraps today. Their run is rather muddy and the coop needs a good scrub out so I'm hoping for a warmer day tomorrow so I can get it done and it has time to dry out. We are still getting two or three eggs a day so all's well in the coop! And finally..... It's Mothering Sunday this week and if you stuck for ideas for the female gardener the link below has some great gift ideas for you to ponder over. And boys if your reading this I quite like the sussex wooden trug!

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