Wednesday, 21 March 2012

What a racket!

Whilst working this afternoon on the computer I heard this mighty racket coming from the coop. So I went flying outside to see what all the commotion was about. Octavia had got herself stuck between the coop and the fence and was clucking like mad, and as she was making so much fuss the others had decided to join in! You would think there were fifty chickens out there not four. I lifted her out and she was fine however upon looking in the run of the coop I could see how she got there. They had dug another big hole under the run and to the fence. I think they are trying to escape and ravage next doors flowerbeds! I spent the next half hour refilling the hole, no doubt it will be there again by the weekend. Even the dogs have never dug this many holes!
I had a wander down to the greenhouses earlier and everything is growing rather well. This warm weather we are having is doing a good job. The leek and onion seeds are coming on a treat. I have never grown onions from seed before so it will be interesting to see the outcome compared to growing onions from sets
I inspected the fruit border too and the gooseberry bush is looking rather lush, there are more buds and leaves on one of the blueberry bushes I planted out last year and even the tay-berry which is a hybrid of black raspberry and a loganberry has sprouted new growth. I thought it was not going to come to anything as the dogs had damaged it when I planted it out last autumn. Hopefully We will have lots of fruit for jam making this year from the garden. Last year I went strawberry picking and it cost a small fortune. I was lucky enough to be given some plums which made a delicious plum jam. I also went blackberry and elderberry picking on the heath where I walk the dogs this also made an excellent jam and the best part is that it was free! I also managed to find some sloes and made some sloe gin in November last year, it has not been bottled up yet, something I must get round to doing and I'll be sure to let you know how good it tastes!
And finally..... I'm off to shut them noisy girls up for the night, and I shall post some new photos at the weekend. Have a good evening all x

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