Monday, 26 March 2012

Losing track of time!

These light night are going to take some getting used to. I was so busy weeding and watering that I lost track of time. I thought whilst dinner is cooking I'll make a start on here.
The unwell blueberry has wilted,dried and shriveled! So I have cut off the dead bits right down to the stem leaving a couple of what look like buds and just see what happens. The good news is that the blueberry that I planted in the ground last November has lots of new growth. So I will still have two blueberry bushes of different varieties and hopefully they will pollinate and give me my long awaited taste of blueberries.
The girls have made the most of the extra hour by digging another big hole the other side of the coop, I have filled it in again for them to dig all out tomorrow no doubt. We had four eggs yesterday and another three today so all is well in the coop! They were being rather noisy today and have had lots to eat. A big bowl of rice for breakfast, cabbage leaves for lunch and a pile of weeds for supper! What more could a chicken want.
The heath where I walk the dogs
It was a lovely warm day today even the rabbits were scampering about on the heath, unfortunately I was not quick enough with my camera. There was also a Jay having a dig around in the potato field, it is the third Jay I have seen this year. It is quite strange really I had never seen a Jay before in my life until one hopped into the garden last year and now I have seen three in as many weeks. By the way a Jay is a large bird the size of a small pigeon in case you are wondering what I am waffling on about. It was really peaceful on the walk today, we were the only ones on the heath. The dogs had a good run around with a stick. I did manage to get a couple of photos.
A little ray of sunshine

When I poked my head into the little plastic greenhouse I noticed something had been nibbling my peas, a pesky snail!I had a look but could not find it so I could give it to the chickens, they love the little blighters! I am now on snail patrol before it eats all my peas. It has already munched one down to the soil and had a nibble from another. I don't like to use pellets because of the dogs and the hedgehog we have under the decking and the frogs and toads who are very garden friendly. I'll just have to keep looking for it.
I have done the weeding today, it did not take long. I am being quite good in trying to keep on top of the weeding, just hope I can keep it up for the whole growing season! I have a lot of vegetables growing in pots and as the weather has been so dry for over a week I gave them a good soaking. I really have to get my water butts organised this weekend or I am going to struggle in the summer. My jobs to do list seems to get longer everyday!
And finally.....I'm away to put the girls to bed for the night. Have a good evening or day depending on where you are x

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