Monday, 19 March 2012

Well hello Mr Sun!

Woke up today to glorious sunshine, it is surprising how good a sunny day makes you feel. I have been busy pottering about in the garden today, it defiantly was not a day to stay indoors. The coop has been scrubbed out whilst the girls feasted on a pile of weeds and grass, we had two eggs today. We are not getting the double yokes we were getting in the earlier days but we do get the occasional large double yoked egg, you can't be the taste of free range hen eggs.
I sowed some more butterfly kisses sweet peas today, this will be the last sowing as I will have no where to put them, my dad has already put his order in and there is plenty for us both and still some to spare, I'm looking forward to seeing what they look like and of course that lovely scent they give off, perfect to have by the front door.
I have taken the plunge and sown some carrots, hopefully they will be more successful than in the past, my soil has improved immensely to last year and I have covered them with fleece to keep the carrot fly at bay. It sure is one pesky bug, I can never remember my granddads carrots having carrot fly on them, they were pulled from the ground, scrubbed in the kitchen and eaten raw and fresh with the tops still attached and the taste was out of this world compared to shop bought carrots.
A solitary strawberry plant with new growth
The onion sets in the large raised bed
We had a rather sharp frost last night, I will probably loose the last of my strawberry plants. I have run out of fleece so they are uncovered. The cabbages that I took the cloches off two weeks ago seem to be doing alright, and the onion sets I sowed last week are starting to shoot already. The new leek and red onion seeds I had sown a few weeks ago are now starting to shoot too, I don't know where I am going to put them all! I am thinking if I forgo the pumpkins in the triangle raised bed I can put the extra onions and leeks there, but where do I put the pumpkins I have sown! It is always the same you make a plan in the winter for next year's sowing with all good intentions, however it goes out the window once seed sowing gets underway. Ah the joy's of gardening.
The unhealthy Blueberry
The blueberry bushes that were purchased a few weeks ago are a cause for concern, one is doing really well with lots of new growth yet the other has wilted and turned black. It obviously has some kind of disease and will probably have to be binned. I will have to have a read up on the web to see if I can find out what is causing it. They are still in the summerhouse as I did not want to put them out whilst there was still a chance of frost. I shall start putting them out for a few hours a day and gradually increase the time so they get used to the climate change.
The healthy Blueberry showing lots of new growth
And finally..... I'll leave you looking at last years Gardening diary. Have a good evening all x

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