Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Well now I know....

Just a short one tonight, I thought I'd let you know what is up with my blueberry bush. I did not bother to trawl the web as I knew the trusty gardeners on Gardeners Click would know the answer to my troubles. it appears that I have been watering them with the wrong water, they should be only watered with rain water, so that is why the leaves have curled and the stem has gone black. I have also been advised to put them outside, which I have done and I have given them some rain water too. Hopefully this will solve my little problem and the blueberry bush will survive, I shall keep you posted.
Even though it has been another lovey day I did not get out to enjoy the sunshine except when I walked the dogs and saw to the girls who incidentally laid three eggs today and were extremely noisy as they only had a small amount of scraps, it was still quite chilly and I now have one of those dreaded colds, obviously being in a very warm county for a couple of weeks then coming back to the UK has not helped.
And finally..... I have been informed by my husband that I am to have a stall at the queens Jubilee fair in June at our local Public house to sell my produce, the only problems is I won't have any as it is too early! Just goes to show he pays no attention to what I say and do. Looks like I'll be needing to sow lots of flowers in the next couple of weeks!

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