Saturday, 24 March 2012

Talking herbs and flowers

A very warm and sunny day today, the bar-b-ques are beginning to burn, the aroma is wafting across the back garden as I speak, or should that be type. We took the dogs for a walk along the river Orwell earlier today, where they enjoyed a good swim and I collected some seaweed  that had been washed up on the shore for my compost bin. It stunk the car out mind, but it will be worth it I'm sure.

After a quick bite to eat I toddled off to the summerhouse for some more seed sowing. Wound up my radio and I was in heaven!  I thought I would sow some herbs, I tried last year with little success and ended up buying several small herbs plants from the garden center.

Today I sowed Basil Italiano Classico, I grew this last year and it was one of the more successful herbs. Parsley moss curled, I think I had two seeds germinate but only one plant came to anything, I also sowed some Coriander and Thyme. Once these are ready I will plant them up in a box and keep it by the back door. I love using fresh herbs when cooking they add so much more flavor. When growing herbs you must keep cutting them, even if you don't need them, otherwise they will quickly go to seed. If I don't need the herbs I chop them up and pop them into ice-cube trays, fill the trays up with water and freeze. They can then be used at a later date and easily be added to soups, sauces and stews.

As I have had this stall at our local watering hole to celebrate the Queens Jubilee in June thrust upon me by my oh so considerate husband, I am going to need something to sell from it. I had a rummage through my seed box and found loads of cut flower seeds that can be sown now and will be perfect for the stall. Linum blue sapphire, which are a pretty little blue/lilac flower perfect for popping in any bouquet. Tanacetum crown white, which are a ball type flower, quite small and again perfect for adding to a bouquet. Zinia mixed, I grew these last year, they were mostly pink and orange, they have a small head but are quite pretty. At the bottom of the box I found a packet of French lavender, these got sown too. Weather anything will grow we will have to wait and see. I grew several flowers from seed last year and I must admit the front garden did look nice with all the colorful blooms.

The potatoes had started to emerge so I added some more soil to the bags to protect them from any frost we get. I sowed some mixed salad leaves in a trug tub, the chickens enjoyed a lot of the lettuce last year as I had gone overboard with my seed scattering. Trug tubs are big buckets and they are great for planting vegetables in. They have handles and are quite sturdy making it easier to move them around the garden.

And finally.... The Uk has been invaded by large numbers of little critters know as the ladybird. Please be very wary upon approaching one of these critters on the ground.... you may stand on it! Have a great weekend everyone x

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