Friday, 30 March 2012

The weathers on the turn

The weather has already started to turn, the sun was hidden behind the clouds and the air was rather chilly. I popped into town and I could not find any fleece anywhere! I have found one new pack in the summerhouse that was hidden under some compost bags, so I will have to make do with what I have.

I bought some Maris Piper seed potatoes and some more Stuttgarter onion setts, which I shall be planting out tomorrow if the weather remains dry. I could not locate an strawberry plants. I'll have to get them on the internet.I paid a visit to Poundland and got a box of fish,blood and bone fertilizer and some organic potato fertilizer, I love a bargain!

I walked up to the market and got two massive, white, and  tasty looking cauliflowers for the bargain price of £1.50 for the two. I noticed they had pulled off all the outer leaves. So I asked the stall holder 'what do they do with the leaves' He pointed to a large pile of boxes so me being cheeky asked if could take some for the chickens. He even gave me a bag to put them in, what a very nice chap. I gave the girls some when I got back, they were in seventh heaven! The rest I have put in the fridge and they will keep the girls in greens for the rest of the week.

Prior to the rugby match!
The girls had their spaghetti this morning and yes they had a game of chicken rugby! I put the spaghetti down and there was a huge pile there. However Octavia grabbed some and the others went running after her to get it even though the pile still sat there! We had four eggs again today which is eggcellent! We are having a family get together and I am making a quiche so I needed the eggs.

I shall be trying to sort out my water-butt situation tomorrow before we get the deluge of wet weather, so I can make the most of the free stuff. I had my yearly water bill through the door yesterday and it was a shocker! Everyone has been informed to cut back on the time they spend in the shower. With six of us living here you can imagine how much water is used and as we pay for the amount we use it has become a very expensive commodity indeed. You try to make savings in one area and it goes out in another. You can never win. Well that's my moan over for the day.

And finally..... I am off for my constitutional glass or two of rose' at the local. I shall be taking some new photos tomorrow and posting them all for you to see. I shall bid you a good evening or a good day x

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