Sunday, 18 March 2012

Not impressed!

Well I went to the local DIY/garden center store and I was most disappointed with the gardening section. There were only a small selection of seed potatoes which you could only buy in packs of 50 which is way to many for my needs. There were no onion sets either and the only strawberry plants they had available were large clay strawberry growing pots filled with strawberry plants at an extortionate price! So I shall be venturing into the town this week to search the stores for my supplies and failing that I will be pursuing the seed brochures that I have cluttering up my desk or buy on line. Whilst looking around at the plants I noticed that many were rather on the dry side and were in need of a good watering, I know we are gearing up for a hosepipe ban but surely such a major store would take more care and ensure that what you are buying was in tip top condition. I think I will look further afield for my plants in future.
The girls have been cleaned out today, another three eggs. It was rather wet yesterday and the girls did look in a sorry state. They do have an undercover area but the daft things insist on standing out in the rain, I'm sure they think that they are ducks! They have dug another big hole in the undercover run so it has yet again been refilled and they are presently digging and scratching it all out, debris flying in all directions!
All the seedlings are doing well, I have been turning the ones in the summerhouse as they keep leaning towards the window to get at the light, I have a big silver birch tree right outside the window of the summerhouse so not much light gets in. Since I have got my greenhouse the boys have asked for their summerhouse back. I'm a bit reluctant to as it is a great space for potting up and I have now got all my gardening equipment in there, I love it in there as it's like my own little world with my gardener's world wind up radio. Oh well we'll wait and see, I will have to find somewhere else for all my bits and bobs to go looks like the garage will be my new potting shed!
And finally..... I would like to wish all you mothers out there a very happy mothering Sunday, I was made pancakes for breakfast and I received chocolates, dvd's and a recipe index box and four lovely cards from my boys. Enjoy the rest of your weekend x

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