Friday, 16 March 2012

Must of been a fluke!

What can I say..... It was a one off we are back to the chilly dull days again! Not much doing in the garden today, no more seeds to sow yet either as I had a shuffle through my seed box. I must not get to eager and sow everything as I will have no where to put it. I have been looking at my garden plan and there is not a way to fit in anymore than I have already planned for so I must resist temptation!
So I was at a loss as what to do with myself today after I had finished doing the mundane house chores. I decided to sit down and finish editing my new web page about my other favorite pastime, Cooking. You just can't beat the taste of home cooked food. As a child I can remember watching my Nan baking in the kitchen cheese pastries, scones, cakes and bread as well as the mouth-watering stews and steamed puddings whilst wearing a flowered apron. My grandma was also a great cook, she made the best ever suet Yorkshire puddings which were filled with a rich thick beef gravy. She also used to cook a lot of game, I can always remember her having rabbits and birds hanging up in the cold pantry, it used to frighten the life out of me!
My Mum can cook but she prefers the easy option of quick and easy cooking nowadays. When I was a child she would prepare meals from scratch, getting out her trusty old cook book. I used to love getting out this cook book and look at all the photos of the food. As a young teenager I would spend my Sundays in the kitchen baking cakes using the recipes out of a stork margarine recipe booklet, I still have this booklet but it is now falling apart from years of use. So cooking seems to be in my blood as they say, I like to experiment and come up with new exciting tastes and variations on old recipes. Last year I made jams and chutneys for the first time, I enjoyed it so much that I made loads and I still have a cupboard full!
I have my shopping list ready for the garden center tomorrow, seed potatoes and strawberry plants and maybe some herbs,it's been a while since I have had a good look round in the garden center so I may come back with several things that are not on my list.
And finally.....I'll leave you with thoughts of aromatic spices, juicy tomatoes, lamb meatballs and Morocco!

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