Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Sowing seeds, potatoes and onions!

Well it was another dull and dreary day in Ipswich today, no wind but it felt rather chilly. I spent a couple of hours in the garden and summerhouse and now that my fingers and toes have thawed out, I thought I would update you on my gardening activities I planted out the Stuttgarter onion sets in the large raised bed. I only had fifty of these as I am also going to plant out the red onions that are still growing in the summerhouse. So far I have only used a third of the raised bed so I am going to purchase some more sets at the weekend and once I have planted out the red onions the bed will be full. After I planted out the sets I covered with netting to keep the birds from pinching them.
I planted out the Pentland Javalin potatoes today, I still have four potato bags that are empty so more seed potatoes to purchase at the weekend also. The Greenhouse now has some seeds sitting in there. I sowed three pumpkin seeds Gaurd sankt martin, six courgette seeds Tundo di Toscana and black beauty. Black beauty are the standard slim dark green courgettes which I always grow but this year I thought I would try a different variety. The Tundo di Toscano are a light green round courgette so I will keep you posted on their performance and taste. I also sowed some Primo cabbage seeds, these performed well last year so hopefully I will get another good crop.
The girls coop had a good clean today, they are such mucky creatures! I got out my shovel and cleaned up the run, so they had a good peck at the new surface looking for bugs and things. They had a big bowl of pasta today, they are so funny they get a piece then run round with it in their beaks and try to hide from each other with it whilst Clyde looks on longingly and drooling, hoping that some will flick through the fence for him to have.
And finally..... When I got back from walking the dogs I noticed that the front flowerbed looked like it was full of weeds. On closer inspection I realized it was the seeds that had fallen off from the Cosmos that I had planted last year. There are hundreds of them, so that's another job for the weekend!

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