Friday, 23 March 2012

I think spring may finally be here!

Well spring appears to have finally sprung! We have had a week of glorious sunshine, but will it stay I wonder, we shall soon see. I have been out in the garden with my camera, it is surprising how much things have grown with this warm weather. It won't be long before we will be having our first rhubarb crumble of the year by the looks of things
I went into the plastic greenhouse it was so hot in there I haven't got a thermometer, another thing for my shopping list. The seedling are growing really well, since last night the Nasturtium have started to sprout, these were sown about 3-4 weeks ago. One lot were through about a week ago and are growing strong, these produce rather pretty little flowers in hues of red yellow and orange. I am not sure of the variety but I thinks it's mixed.
The peas and sweet peas that were sown at around the same time are looking good too. Several of the pea seeds have failed. I did expect this as I have had this particular packet of seeds for over two years. I have planted another fifty seeds so I will still have plenty even if half fail to germinate. The sweet peas are from seeds that I saved from last years plants. It was a free packet of seeds I had received with my gardening mag, the scent was gorgeous and the array of color they produced was quite spectacular. I had grown them up against the trellis fence that separate the chickens from my vegetable plot, they would often peck through at the leaves, but they still survived and grew well and produced plenty of flowers.
Kelvedon Peas
Sweet Peas
The leeks that are in the summerhouse are getting bigger everyday and more and more are starting to shoot through. The ones that I planted up about three weeks ago and are in the new greenhouse are starting to catch up already. It is a lot warmer in the greenhouse so it does not come as any surprise the rate the seeds are germinating and growing in there. The cauliflowers are now getting their seconds leaves and luckily have not suffered from wilt, which happened last year. So far all is looking rather good!

I had a peek in on the broad beans and they seem to have survived the winter quite well. As you can see from the photo they are still protected with fleece. If you look closely you can also see that they are flowering.
Broad beans
Well I hope you have enjoyed the stroll around the vegetable garden. It sure is great to feel the sun on your face. It was nice and peaceful when out walking the dogs today and even better with the sunshine. When walking the dogs on my own I often start thinking about things, like what am I going to do in the garden or about some problem that has been bugging me or just thinking about things in general. As I was walking today and doing my pondering, I began to wonder if others do the same thing when out walking the dogs or if they have a time in the day when they think and ponder on their lives. Do you have a thinking or pondering time in your day? I have been thinking a lot about a big project that I am working on at the moment and wondering if it is going to work?, am I biting of more than I can chew? I will tell you all about it next time.
I got it I got it! Clyde

The chase is on!
Whilst out walking the dogs I took a few photos of the dogs running around chasing the stick. They are so funny Clyde stands there barking until you throw the stick and they both race off to fetch it. Max usually gets there first and then Clyde pinches it off him and comes racing back to me with it as if to say I won!
Yummy blackberries in the future!
 I Have taken a photo of the farmers field which will soon be filled with lush green potato plants. The blackberry bushes are starting to show new growth, hopefully we will have a bumper crop again this year for some more delectable blackberry jam.

The girls have been on top form the past two days, we have had four eggs a day. Lovely poached eggs for breakfast tomorrow!
And finally..... I have been busy telling you all about me and I would love to hear from some of you so why not leave a comment before you leave. Then I will know for sure that somewhere out there in this big wide world someone is reading my blog X

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