Thursday, 29 March 2012

Mother nature at it again

What a shocker! we have been told to expect snow next week! Apparently we are in for quite a change in weather next week, this is not good news for us gardeners. With the warm weather we have had everything has started to grow only to get bitten by frost next week. I will be going into town tomorrow to get kitted out with some more fleece to protect as much as I can. Oh the joys of being a gardener, try as we might we always have mother nature ready to step in and throw a spanner in the works to keep us on our toes.

I have been busy in the summerhouse and greenhouses today doing the seed shuffle. No it is not a new dance craze! However there is probably lots of gardeners doing it at the moment so you never know. I have moved the peas into the summerhouse to keep them away from that pesky snail! And the onions and garlic that were in the summerhouse are now in the little plastic greenhouse.

I have moved the seed trays round in the big greenhouse as some were doing better than others. The sweetcorn is only now shooting and I am still waiting for any sign from the courgettes, pumpkin and aubergines. Hopefully they will start soon.

The potatoes are growing well, I put some more soil in the potato bags to cover them up again. The rhubarb is coming on a treat, as are all the fruit bushes. Some more strawberry plants are coming to life, I will be sure to put fleece over them at the weekend.

As usual when I'm pottering about in the garden the girls become very vocal and running  and flapping about expecting some tasty morsel. We only had the one egg today, but an eggs an egg! They have got a big bowl of spaghetti for breakfast tomorrow, hubby is always a bit heavy handed when it comes to cooking. But at least it doesn't go to waste, the girls will really enjoy that in the morning. They will think they are worms, it will be fun to watch them flying about playing the rugby game, one taking it off one only to be taken by another.

And finally.....I will say goodnight, or good day to you all and thanks for popping by to read my ramblings. I'm off in search for that hot water bottle!

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