Saturday, 31 March 2012

A busy but productive day

I have had a rather busy day today.With the help of my son Lewis we managed to relocate one of the water butts, I need to get to the D.I.Y. store to get some new piping to move the other one. I have purchased another water butt today from the internet so once that gets here I will have three. It will never be enough but it will have to do for now. I just need some rain now to fill it!

It has been rather cold and dull today, the sun did try to come out earlier but there was just too much cloud for it to have any effect. I managed to plant out the potato and onion setts today and I have taken the photos as promised.
Strawberry plant

Rhubarb, looking forward to this!

Gooseberry bush

Last weekend this just had a couple o
Tayberry bush, last week it was a green speck!

Spring cabbages


Peas and sweet peas

Various seedlings in the greenhouse

Spring cabbages and onions

As you can see they have grown quite a bit since the last photos, especially all the fruit. Both the tayberry and the blueberry that I planted out in November have really grown considering they only had a couple of buds on last weekend.

The girls have been cleaned out today and we only had the one egg again. I think I should cut back on their scraps so they eat more of the layers pellets which they need to aid egg production. As I was cleaning out the coop the gate blew open and the girls decided to go on a little adventure whilst my back was turned. They were wandering around the patio pecking at the weeds and grass that had started to grow through the cracks again. I managed to usher them back into the run before they went rampaging over to the vegetable plot!

I have been busy in the kitchen today preparing food for the family gathering tomorrow. I made some vegetable curry samosas and  cooked a joint of pork and a gammon. I also made a vegetable oven baked omelette which  tastes good served cold and cut up into squares and is a great addition to any buffet table. I decided to cook this as it is the latest recipe for my online cooking class and it had been a while since I had made it. Plus I needed the photos for the webpage.

And finally....I am out again tonight supporting a friends charity evening in aid of a hospice, so I shall bid you all good evening/day and hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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