Sunday, 1 April 2012

The calm before the storm?

It has been a beautiful sunny day here, it is colder inside than it is standing out in the sun. Will this be the last sunny day I wonder as the weather has been predicted to turn this week.

We have had a pleasant day meeting up with family members who we hadn't seen since last summer. The buffet was huge, so everyone had plenty to eat and take home!  I was chatting to one of my uncles who grows all his own vegetables too, he has an allotment and he was saying that when he was down there yesterday everyone was busy putting fleece over their early crops of peas and beans.

I came home and quickly got changed and had an hour pottering about in the garden. first job was to cover the few remaining strawberry plants with some fleece. My search for some more strawberry plants is over, my uncle is dropping round next week with a dozen strawberry plants. They are runners from last years crop, these are the long stems that run from the main strawberry plant and if potted up will take root and form new plants for the following year.

It's great when you get the chance to meet up with other vegetable growers as you are able to swap plants and share growing tips and ideas. This is one of the many benefits of having an allotment and you can also get to try new crops with vegetable swaps once they have been harvested.

I had to put some more soil in the potato bags as the tips were starting to show again and I don't want them to be hit by the frost and maybe snow. I weeded the large bed where I have planted the onions, the warm weather had also spurred on the weeds.

The girls have only had some cabbage leaves and some left over cooked cauliflower today, so they have probably been quite noisy whilst we were out. We had three eggs today, so I will soon know if reducing their scraps makes any difference to how many eggs we get.

That pesky snail has been busy again in the little greenhouse. The sweetcorn shoots that were there yesterday have now disappeared! I will sow some more tomorrow to make sure I will have a crop of sweetcorn and put these in the big greenhouse.

For those of you that missed yesterdays post, I have put on the photos as I had promised earlier in the week.

And finally.....After a rather busy weekend I'm going to put my feet up and watch some TV. I hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend x

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