Monday, 30 April 2012

Squelching good fun!

We have had a beautiful day here today, the sun has been shining most of the day and it has even felt quite warm. I have been so busy but I managed a couple of hours in the garden.

My Main priority was sorting out the girls run, it is just one big swamp, I was slipping and squelching all over the place! As it was the first dry day we have had for a while I did not want to shut them up. So all I done was clean out the coop and dug the run over so it was a bit drier. They girls had a whale of a time scratching around for worms and bugs, mind you they were all filthy when they went to bed, but at least they had a good day out in the run.

I popped into the greenhouse and was most surprised to see some flowers had grown through the soil, I had  given up hope on them. The peas are growing like crazy and I hope to put them out in two weeks time. The herbs are growing well too the coriander is almost 2 inches high, but the parsley has not germinated yet. There are three trays of flowers that I cannot remember the names of that are ready to be pricked out, and another of the courgettes has popped up. The flowers I pricked out a few weeks ago have doubled in size already. It was rather warm in the large greenhouse and everything had a good watering as most was on the dry side.

I had a wander round the garden and some of the over wintering onions are huge! Looks like it might be my best crop yet. The cabbages look a bit battered but hopefully they will pull through. The broad bean stems have started to thicken up and they look much stronger now since I uncovered them. Some more rhubarb is ready for picking which I forgot to do today, I'll have to do it tomorrow. We have had a storm come overhead whilst I have been writing this, the lightening was lighting up the whole back garden, making up for the nice weather we had today!

And finally..... It is the hubby's birthday tomorrow the big four zero! So I shall bid you goodnight/day as I have presents to wrap and a card to write x


  1. Happy birthday to your hubby, hope he's having a good day. It really was lovely weather yesterday, but we're back to rain again here today.

  2. Hi Jo, thanks, it has been raining and the sun is trying to come out. I'm off out to walk the dogs before the rain returns!


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