Thursday, 19 April 2012

Unhappy gardeners abound!

I have been reading through the comment sections on various gardening forums and it seems that many gardeners are having a grumble about this unpredictable weather. Seeds are not germinating in greenhouses and things that have are just not growing as well as last year. Trying to harden things off before planting them out but when do you plant out? Is it safe to yet? Should we take the fleece off yet? On the one hand this is good news for me as I now know I am not the only one having these problems and it is not something I have done wrong! But on the other hand it is so damn frustrating!

I managed to get an hour in the garden this morning. The sky has been threatening and black. It is quite surprising what you can achieve in an hour. I weeded both the raised beds, planted out a tray of onions, whether these will survive is another matter! I thought I'd plant out one tray and see what happens. If they start to take off I will plant out the others. The onion setts I planted out two weeks ago are now sprouting. If all goes well I shall have my large string of onions that I have always coveted! I visited a friends allotment last year and looked at his strings of onions with envy compared to my one paltry string of twenty four!

The second lot of potatoes that were sown several weeks ago had just broken through the soil, so I added more soil to the growbags. Speaking of potatoes I had two that were emerging through in one of the raised beds. I have never grown potatoes in the bed, but it must of come from the compost bin when I emptied it into the raised bed when it was made. I dug out the offending articles as this is where I am planting the onions, and there is no room for a rogue potato!

Two weeks ago I filled the hanging baskets with compost and added some Growmore fertilizer ready to plant up some strawberries. With all this rain they had become water-logged. I punctured the plastic liner with holes so the water could drain out and I will hopefully be able to plant up the strawberry plants tomorrow.

I planted up a trough of carrots and have placed it in the greenhouse. I have never had much luck with carrots so I thought I would try this method out and hopefully I won't have the problem of the dreaded carrot fly.

And finally.....The sun is shining again so I am going to venture out and sow some seeds in the central flowerbed. I hope you all enjoy the rest of your day x


  1. The rain has just let up here, I can't believe how much we've had, everywhere is sodden. Apparently, the long range forecast shows wintery weather in May, it doesn't sound good for us gardeners.

    1. Hi Jo, I read that earlier too, they say it is going to be the wettest May in a 100 years!!!! I never got round to sowing the seeds as I was about to step out it fell down again. I give up!


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