Saturday, 28 April 2012

Washed out!

I am beginning to wonder if this years growing season is ever going to happen. We are still getting a lot of rainfall and very little sun. The strawberries have had all the flowers knocked off! Not going to be many of them this year. The ground is so went you can't work on it and I fear the onions are going to start rotting! There is just no happy medium.

We have had more rainfall in the past two weeks than over the whole of the winter. However all this rain is not having a great impact on filling up the water reserves. It would need to continue raining for the rest of the year to replenish the shortages because of the last two very dry winters. But us gardeners will still persevere and try to grow something.

I think even the girls are fed up with it all, they spend most of the day huddled up under the coop. They only venture out when we have a small break in the rain fall and then get caught out and get all wet and back in they go huddled up together for warmth and to get dry. The run is getting worse by the day. We are expecting severe rainfall and winds tomorrow, Hopefully I will be able to get in there on Monday to try and sort something out.

The seedlings in the summerhouse are coping quite well considering the temperature. I have held off on any more seed sowing as I don't see much point at the moment. The only thing I have sown is some chili seeds as they will grow on the windowsill in the kitchen.

As I can do no gardening I am going to spend the day baking in the kitchen. Have a good weekend everyone where ever you are, whatever you are doing I hope the sun is shining for you x


  1. I think you're doing the right thing hiding out in the kitchen whilst the rain continues to pour, it's raining again here and worse to come tomorrow.

    1. Hi Jo, the baking was quite enjoyable and the house in now lovely and warm. Hubby is off fishing tomorrow and as you say it is supposed to be worse tomorrow. All I can say is He must be bonkers!


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