Monday, 16 April 2012

Frozen fingers and toes!

I spent almost two hours in the garden and had to come back inside as I could no longer feel my fingers and toes. It was sunny however it was bitterly cold. I managed to weed the flowerbeds in the front, I had a large bucket full of weeds which the girls dived on with relish! The flowerbed right at the front was full of seeds which fell of the flowers that I planted last year. I have left these in and once they have grown some more I shall remove some to allow room for them to grow. I have only weeded the central flowerbed as I'm not sure what to plant there yet.

The girls are presently throwing the last few remaining weeds around the run. Octavia has dug yet another hole under the coop. I know it was her as she was filthy! We had three eggs today, so poached eggs or omelettes for breakfast tomorrow!

The  Onward peas that were sowed a few weeks ago are now emerging, there are also two tomato plants and another courgette now breaking through the soil, things are starting to grow! The second lot of potatoes are now breaking through the surface so I covered them with soil to protect them against any frost.

In celebration of National Gardening week I published a webpage about creating a cut flower garden. I adore having flowers in the home, but buying these can be quite expensive, by growing my own I not only have a lovely flower garden but I am able to bring the garden indoors to enjoy too.

By choosing the right plants you could have cut flowers from March through to November. Also  why not try planting some foliage plants to give your bouquet a professional appearance.  Want to have a go at creating your own cut flower garden then why not pay a visit to Create a simple cut flower garden

And finally.....I would like to welcome all my new viewers and thank you for visiting and hope you all will continue to visit and that you enjoy reading  my ramblings as much as I do writing them x

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