Thursday, 26 April 2012

A soggy bog!

As you can imagine the title says it all! We have had the first fairly dry day of the week, some sunshine and fairly gusty wind. Everything had taken a good battering, the cabbages look all forlorn and I had to tie up the beans and peas as they had grown quite a bit with the rain.

There was me two weeks ago complaining about my empty water butts which are now overflowing! I have a large container and a few buckets out too which are filling up. I took the dogs for a long run earlier, we have been without a car for a few days so they were desperate to get out, thankfully it was dry but it was rather muddy and the trees were groaning and moaning above. The farmers potatoes are breaking through the surface, it will soon be a sea of green. I saw the Jay again today, he is so quick I still never managed to get a photo!

I went down to the greenhouses a while ago, everything looks dandy. Most of the peas are through and another two courgettes. My Dad popped round and took two trays of flowers home so he left here happy. So now I have some space, I can sow some more seeds! The Cosmos and Marigolds are just poking through and so are the sprouts in the little plastic greenhouse. The cauliflowers are a couple of inches high so I have moved them into the summerhouse before a snail has them for his dinner!

The girls have had a rotten week and spent most of it huddled up under the coop and only venturing out occasionally and getting soaked. I have cleaned out the coop today so it is all clean and snug with fresh bedding. They could really so with a plastic mac and a pair of wellies, there's an idea! The run is one mass of mud and stinks, as soon as we get some better weather I will be digging out the swamp and replacing the slabs. They are so much easier to keep clean, me and my bright idea, hubby has already done the 'I told you so!' We only had the one egg yesterday and four today. As a treat I collected a bucket of grass and weeds from the overgrown side border at the front. Bell promptly trod all over it whilst the others were trying to eat it!

And finally.....My son is on his way home from holiday so as our usual tradition I am cooking a Sunday roast, a whole leg of spring lamb with roast potatoes, carrots, cabbage and peas. Unfortunately nothing home grown.


  1. This weather is just awful, and we're forecast more of the same. I doubt we'll get much gardening done this weekend.. Hope your son had a good holiday, the 'welcome home' meal sounds delicious, I do love lamb.

  2. Hi Jo, It doesn't look like it is going to ease up either, my poor chickens think their ducks. My son had a great time thanks and the dinner went down a treat!


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