Sunday, 8 April 2012

Happy Easter

Happy Easter to you all. I hope you have had a good day and have not eaten to many chocolate eggs! It has been a rather wet day here and is now only starting to dry up. It's a good job I got the water butts sorted as lots of rainfall has been predicted for next week. The garden certainly looks better for the rain.

There has been no gardening for me today, we went to the boot sale, on the way there it started to rain. There were quite a few stalls and lots of people had ventured out. I did not manage to find any suitable containers for the garden and there were no plants that took my fancy. However I did purchase three old screwdrivers which were much needed as the magic fairy that resides in our home and make things disappear had taken my screwdrivers and hidden them with all the other things that goes missing. So I have hidden these in my tool box so they will not be going anywhere unless I use them. I bought two cauliflowers and also got a free bag of greens for the girls.

Speaking of the girls we had four eggs today, they have been busy scrabbing away in the bark looking for worms and grubs. They are presently having a preening session as they decided to stay out in the rain and have been flapping about to dry them selves off.

I had a walk down to the greenhouses earlier to see how things were doing and noticed that the purple sprouting broccoli is now producing lush looking sprigs of purple. Hopefully we will have some next weekend with Sunday lunch. These were planted out last August and I was going to pull them up as I did not think anything was going to come of them. That is until I read an article about how long they take to produce and I decided to leave them there, I'm glad I read that article now.

Hubby has gone fishing for the night, rather him than me is all I can say, sitting out all night in this cold wet weather. I don't see any pleasure in it at all, sitting in the dark and waiting, being battered by the wind and rain on the coast.

And finally.....I had just put a cake in the oven when I sat down to write this and the kitchen smells heavenly.   So I shall bid you a good evening/day and hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend. I am off to enjoy a slice of cake with a cup of tea x

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