Saturday, 14 April 2012

Water butt takes a tumble!

I went down the garden earlier to check out how things were doing and noticed that the water butt down by the summer house was over and empty! My first thought was one of the dogs had done it, but the water butt was full and would of been to heavy for one on them to knock over. On closer inspection I saw that the stand the butt was standing on has split and broke. The butt also has a crack in it now but its at the top thankfully so will still serve its purpose. I have now stacked a pile of slabs and placed the water butt on top of it.

It was quite sunny but chilly earlier but the rain has came back again. I just managed to plant out the Primo cabbages and was about to do the peas when it started to rain quite heavy, they will have to wait till later. I managed to do some weeding also but still have the raised beds to do.
Protected cabbages!

The peas I sowed two weeks ago seem to be making an appearance and one of the aubergines has popped up too! There are some more flowers ready to be pricked out and some of the sweet peas really need to be planted out too. I know they say we need the rain, but it would be much more convenient if it rained at night!

As it was nice this morning I took the opportunity of scrubbing out the coop, as I was putting it back together again once it had dried Matilda was trying to get back in the nesting box. I think she has gone all broody again as I had to scoop her out earlier to clean it. They had already laid their eggs for the day, they had all laid an egg each which she was sitting on.

The onions I planted out several weeks ago have grown really well, I have taken the netting off these ones but left it over the ones I planted out two weeks ago as they are only now sprouting and the pigeons will think they are tasty worms!

And finally..... The rain has stopped so I am going back out to finish off weeding and hopefully get the peas planted. Have a good evening/day all x

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