Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Rhubarb Rhubarb!

Right I am not going to talk about the weather as it is getting rather repetitive, all I will say it that it is perfect weather for ducks!

I managed to get half an hour out in the garden today and picked our first harvest of the year! As you can probably guess from the post title it was indeed rhubarb. I only picked four stalks as I did not want to leave them growing for much longer otherwise they become rather tough and woody. I have washed, chopped and frozen them for use later. I also picked off another flower and put it in the compost bin along with the leaves.

The sweet peas have reached about 10 inches so I pinched out the tips so they will become bushy and produce more flowers once they get planted out. The girls enjoyed them. I watered the seedling that appeared a little bit on the dry side as I don't want to kill them off through under or over watering. It is starting to warm up a little bit in the greenhouse, I still have not purchased my thermometer yet.

It has stopped raining the past hour and the girls are making the most of it having a good scratch about in the mud! I think I really need to put the slabs back down it is like a quagmire in the run at the moment. They have been quite good the past week by keeping under shelter when it has been raining . They seem to get the idea that you stay out of the rain! We had four eggs today, it always seems that we get four eggs on a Tuesday, funny that.

I decided to flick through my gardening magazines last night, looking for some inspiration in the garden and what I could do whilst the weather (oops, there I go again!) is too wet to actually do any proper gardening. I found several packets of seeds that were still attached to the covers that I had forgotten about. One was Hot Cayenne Chillies which can be sown now so I am going to do those tomorrow. There was also an interesting article by Monty Don all about seed sowing and how to boost germination by using a propagator or heat mat. As I have neither I think I shall be making use of my sons bedroom windowsill again as this gets the most sun (when it shows!) and is generally quite a warm spot.

And finally.....I published the new recipe for my online cooking class Lemon waffle pie! The link is on the recipe page for anyone interested. I made it yesterday and it has already been devoured! Bye for now and I hope you all enjoy the rest of your day x


  1. The sunniest windowsill in my house is also in my son's bedroom. He knows that he has to share his room with my seedlings at this time of year.

    1. I used it in February when I went on holiday and left him in charge of watering,I sowed some flowers, chilies and tomatoes and they did get growing, even if they were a bit on the dry side when I got back.

  2. I wish we had rhubarb in our garden, but it takes so long to mature. That's what I said 2 years ago, and by now we could have been ready to eat the rewards. Oh well :(

  3. I planted mine out in Jan 2011, had some from it last year and as you can see again this year with more to come. It is growing like the clappers with all this rain!

    Just purchase a crown and plant it you'll be getting the rewards soon. The good thing about rhubarb is it will grow anywhere and does not need a lot of care.


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