Friday, 13 April 2012

National Gardening week 16 - 22 April

Next week is National gardening week and there are lots of events around the UK to celebrate gardening. Take a look at the National Gardening week face book page National Gardening week This is a new event to celebrate and encourage more people to get gardening and growing. Gardening has several benefits, it incorporates a healthier style of living, is a great form of exercise, the whole family can do it together and it is great fun and you can eat what you grow and save money!

Still thinking about growing your own vegetables? There is some great advice to get you started on my web page Growing your own vegetables

The sun had been shining today, and the the heavens opened up yet again! I have had a look in the greenhouse and the herbs that I sowed a few weeks ago have started to germinate and another couple of the tomatoes and a courgette have decided to show their little faces. Everything that is in the garden is growing quite well with all this rain especially the weeds! Hopefully tomorrow will be a dry day to get out there and get rid of them.

The girls have been cleaned we had three eggs today. They were being quite vocal earlier but since it has been raining they are all huddled up under the coop in the dry. Dory was on the ladder earlier trying to get at my clematis that is growing the other side of the trellis behind the coop. It has really started to grow this past week, she was obviously bored with the cabbage and cauliflower leaves!

It has been rather cold lately which is probably why my seeds are either taking a long time or not germinating. I have been doing the seed shuffle yet again, moving those that have grown quite well into the greenhouse and those that have yet to do anything into the summerhouse as it is well insulated and probably a lot warmer than the greenhouse. Fingers crossed I will seem some improvement.

I have just bottled up the sloe gin I made in October. All I can say is WOW! I'm not a lover of gin but this does taste great and it sure does pack a punch! I shall being making lots more this year and I am also hoping to have a go at making some wine.

And finally.....As it is too wet to go outside I am going to potter about in the kitchen and make a beef and vegetable cobbler using vegetables from last years harvest that have been sitting in the freezer. I wish you all an enjoyable evening/day and hope you all have a great weekend x

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