Monday, 23 April 2012

A weekend of all seasons!

We had a weekend of all the seasons rolled into one. Thunder storms, torrential rain, wind and intermittent sunshine. Nothing got done in the garden except I managed to clean out the girls during one of the dry spells.

Broad Beans
It has been a lovely sunny morning and I had a potter about. I had to stake the broad beans as they had been a bit battered with the wind and rain, however they are laden with flowers. The peas that were planted out seem to be doing well.

When I was sorting the broad beans out I noticed that the swede, parsnips and radish have started to come through. I hope that the parsnips and swede are a success this year unlike last year where I had just stalks on the swede and the parsnips did not even show.

The first lot of onions that were sown at the of March
As you can see the onions are growing well. I have planted out the other tray of onions grown from seed and sowed three rows of spring onions, this bed is now full up. I am still deciding what to grow in the other raised bed.

Things must be warming up, things are really starting to move in the greenhouse! Two new tomatoes, another courgette, chili and the peas are about an inch high. In the little plastic greenhouse, brussell sprouts, marigolds and the cosmos are starting to appear.

The potato bags needed topping up again and I planted out the last three strawberry plants. I had run out of space and did not know where to put them. I had three large pots that I was going to put the chili plants in but have decided to grow the chili's in the greenhouse so I used two of these pots for the strawberries. I shall buy some large plastic pots to grow the chili's in.

I sowed some dwarf french beans, and some more broccoli and purple sprouting broccoli as the ones I had sown earlier had died as I has sprayed them with a rhubarb poison solution by mistake. I was in the summerhouse and not looking grabbed the spray bottle that I thought was water and it wasn't until I had given them a good spray that I realized my mistake. I was hoping they would survive but it was not to be. I have now put the rhubarb solution on the shelf so I don't make that mistake again!

The girls have had a hectic weekend of running back and forth undercover. I think they have finally learnt that when it is raining to stay inside! We had seven eggs in all over the weekend and another two today. I had a good look inside the coop especially in the corners to make sure I could not the any Red mite and it all looks clear.

As It was not the weather for gardening I spent most of the weekend updating a few of my web pages, The Humble Garden Trug, Gift Ideas for the Gardening Female and a Keeper of Hens. If you would like to visit these web pages I have listed the links below or you can look on the other pages of this blog and access all of my web pages.
The Humble Garden Trug
Gift Ideas for the female gardener
A Keeper of hens

And finally.....There is nothing else I can do in the garden today, so I am going to do some cooking. I am making a Lemon Waffle pie, which is the latest recipe for my online cooking class and shall be published tomorrow. I hope you all enjoy the rest of your day. Thanks for visiting x


  1. I didn't manage to get to the allotment this weekend, a combination of bad weather and other commitments. I don't think this rain is ever going to let up, it's still coming down now.

  2. Hiya Jo, It has started again here, the only thing we didn't have was snow! But I won't hold my breath, it has been so changeable.


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