Tuesday, 17 April 2012

A gardeners lot!

We have had all weathers today, wind, rain, hail and intermittent sunshine, so there was no gardening today. With all this rain everywhere is looking rather lush. We shall be having our first harvest of the year from the garden at the weekend. The rhubarb is almost ready for picking it has grown so much these past two weeks. The garlic and onions that were planted out last winter are starting to thicken up nicely too.

I have been thinking about mulching the garden, but if this weather keeps up will I need to worry! Since the hosepipe ban was announced it has not stopped raining. The local water company have been sending information in the post about conserving water and running a win a water butt competition online, which consequently I did not win. Most gardening sites and forums are talking about how to conserve water and how to cope with the drought and still be able to garden.

That is the thing with gardening you plan what you are going to grow for the oncoming season the winter before. However nothing goes to plan as we humble gardeners are always dictated to by mother nature and her whims. Even trying to harden the plants of is becoming a nightmare at the moment running in and out especially when the hail comes along. What I find frustrating is remembering how things were doing last year and how things are not doing so well now.

The girls have been busy running back and forth to keep out the the rain, they did look a rather soggy looking bunch earlier, but they have started to fluff up their feathers and dry out. We only had the two eggs today, just enough for the yorkshire puddings I am making to go with the roast beef for dinner.

I braved the weather and walked the dogs, I was just out in the open area when it decided to pelt down with hail, so it was a mad dash to get back among the trees for cover. Max got a thorn stuck in his paw which I managed to remove, and he went chasing off after his Frisbee whilst Clyde went scampering off on some scent that he had found.

And finally..... It has come over black again so more rain is imminent, I shall bid you a good evening/day. Before I go I have done my first book review, why not go and check it out.  My Place


  1. We've got rain here today and it's definitely in for the day. My poor dog is crossing his legs, I haven't even ventured out to take him for a walk yet. He has relieved himself in the garden so he's not busting, but he won't wait much longer to stretch his legs. I'm hoping that the things I planted out at the allotment on Sunday are doing ok as we've had some quite chilly nights since then, but I'm not braving the rain to go and check. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I'm going to have a read through your previous posts when I have a little more time.

    1. Hi Jo thanks for popping over. It is also very wet and windy here today too. I am now about to wrap up and brave it to walk the dogs as they are racing about the house and driving me crazy!


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