Thursday, 5 April 2012

Well I never!

We appear to escaped any bad weather in fact the sun has been glorious today even if it has turned rather cold.  I never used to take any notice of the weather forecasts, but once you get into growing vegetables it takes on a whole new meaning. We had a little bit of rain and this weekend is the start of a hosepipe ban. I never really use my hosepipe anyway, I prefer to use my watering can. It does take a lot longer but it is so peaceful outside in the evenings that I quite enjoy watering the garden.

I always consider April to be a critical time for the humble gardener. Seed trays are everywhere, and what has not germinated has to be sown again. You are having to put plants in and out everyday to get them used to the change in temperature. Covering and uncovering, trying to keep on top of the endless weeds that always grow better than your plants! Your plants become your babies, you nurture, feed and take care of them. Get upset when something happens, you make sure they are warm enough or not too hot. No two years are ever the same, well not for me anyway and it is the excitement and anticipation of what is going to grow that makes gardening so enjoyable and of course the food that you get to eat.

The girls have thoroughly enjoyed their cabbage leaves this week and I have to say that the cauliflowers tasted great too. I have not had chance to get to the market this week, so the girls will have to make do with just leftovers and the bucket of weeds that I am hoping to remove this weekend. We had two eggs yesterday and four today which is good as I used up eight eggs yesterday making an oven baked omelette for dinner last night. (recipe on recipe page)

Some of you regulars have probably noticed I have changed the color on here again. I felt the green was just a bit to hard on the eye when reading through. I hope you prefer it too.

A busy weekend lies ahead for me, I have several jobs that need to be done and I have enlisted hubby's help, not that he knows that yet, all he knows is that I have a list!

  1. Sort out the remaining water butt
  2. Lift up the slabs in the chicken run and replace with bark
  3. clean out the summerhouse
  4. clean out the garage
  5. and a multitude of jobs around the house!
I'm sure he will manage to fit in a fishing trip among that little lot and then I have the weeding to do and I want to sort out the flowerbeds in the front garden. The dahlias are needing to be planted and hopefully I can start clearing the side bed to make room for the cut flowers I have planned. Hopefully there will be plenty of photos for you next week.

And finally.....I wish you all a very happy Easter weekend whatever you may be doing x

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