Friday, 6 April 2012

What a day!

We ventured of to the local D.I.Y store with a list of things we had to get, we took our sons car which had not been used for a while. We got everything we needed including a humane mousetrap as we have a mouse loose  in the house! We loaded it all into the car and it would not start! We tried pushing it and managed to get it going only for it to conk out yet again. So we had to get a taxi back home and get in our car with a set of jump leads and go back to the D.I.Y store and managed to get our sons car back home again. As you can imagine this was not a good start to the day. We did not manage to get as much done as we had hoped.

We have managed to move the water butt and get that sorted and a couple of jobs round the house have been done too. I have planted some Onward peas today and planted out the strawberry plants. The potatoes needed more soil added and I potted up one lot of Nasturtium as they had grown quite a bit.

The girls laid three eggs today, they have been busy digging under the coop again. I bought the bark today and I will be sorting out their run tomorrow. They will have a great time digging about in the bark.

And finally...... It has started to rain thank goodness, hopefully my butts will soon start to fill up! I wish you all an enjoyable evening/day x

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