Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Hoping it will be all ok

Well My case is all packed and the to do lists have been written. Adam is in charge of the chicken's Ben is in charge of watering the plants and my dad is in charge of overseeing to it all! Earlier tonight I had a last look at my little seedlings, making sure that they all had a drink before I venture off. Everything seems to be growing I just hope when I come back they will be well and truly on their way and not green shriveled specks.
The chickens have been cleaned out today, and had a big pile of grass to keep them occupied while it was done. We only had two eggs today, Octavia is most certainly back on form we have been getting her little white eggs. Matilda has a bald head as she seems to be malting, she does look rather odd bless her.
Dad has been cracking on with the greenhouse. He had a few problems assembling the door as the parts that came with it are not the same as the sketchy instructions show, so it was a bit hit and miss, however he has promised it will all be done by the time I get back. Seems strange I'm going away and have not even left yet and I am already looking forward to getting back!
And finally.... thank you all that have been following my blog this far I hope you will return and continue to follow my gardening antics and follow the scoop from the coop! If you are missing my daily updates then why not check out my blog from last years gardening antics A diary of a gardening year where you can read all about the arrival of the girls, the successful crops and my general gardening antics. You can also access my other web pages about gardening and some great tasting recipes through the links on my gardening diary 2011. Bye for now x

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