Thursday, 16 February 2012

Mischievous animals!

Busy day today in the garden, the only problem was I ran out of light! I thought I would start putting some soil in the potato bags today. I had ordered too much topsoil last year for the raised beds so I had piled it up at the bottom of the garden and covered it with weed suppressant. I put a couple of shovel's full in each of the potato bags and added some Grow More. I have 12 of these bags, so 6 are up by the side of the vegetable patch and the other 6 are beside the fence on the patio. Not long to go now before I can start putting the seed potatoes in!

I thought I'd have a check on the pea's that I sowed in November. I had put in some metal hoops and covered them with fleece. Well it wasn't good I had lost about half the peas. I uncovered them and put in canes to support the surviving pea's and have wrapped them up well with fleece. Fingers crossed they will continue to grow. They are Meteor pea's which are supposed to be good over-wintering peas. It is the first time I have tried to over-winter any vegetables. Many gardeners don't bother and just plant out in the spring, I thought I would give it ago to see how they fared. However I think I will just sow in the spring, at least you don't lose the seeds like you do with winter sowing.

I don't know whats been in the air today but all the animals have been up to mischief! The girls had dug a big hole under the coop and knocked the lid off the feeder. Octavia was filthy so I expect she was the main culprit! They have been cleaned out again today, we had 3 eggs. I tried to clean the run, however it is so muddy and the girls kept getting in the way. I will have to get the hose out and try and give it a good wash down at the weekend.

Clyde decided to go off on a little adventure of his own on the walk today. He ran off in to the farmers field where there is an 8ft high pile of rotting horse manure, there I was calling him and looked round and he is standing on top of the pile! He then decided to run through the horse paddock, thankfully the horse was lying down over the far side and did not see him.

Well that's my adventures of the day, now off to cook the dinner. Have a good evening all x

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