Thursday, 9 February 2012

Oooooooooooooooo My son has just got back from town with two blueberry bushes in tow! So a trip to the local garden center is on the cards for some ericaceous compost. I bought and planted out a Brigitta in October and was hoping to pick up another variety. These ones are called Vacccinium Corymbosum and are from wilko's (great place for bargain plants!) And I must say they look a lot healthier than my Brigitta. I shall pot these up tomorrow and put them in the summerhouse. The Brigitta I planted straight in the ground where I had been putting coffee grounds for the past year, so I shall soon see whether this has worked or not. Aldi's also has lots of fruit trees and bushes on sale this week.  It was only reading somebody else's blog that I knew these were on sale in Wilko at a bargain price. Thanks Jo

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